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I'm a very happy and delightful person. I love spending time with my family. I am active and affectionate. I am strong and inspiring. I love all living things and I am easy to please. My mom thinks I am very easy to love. I bring joy, light, and love to our family. I am like a sweet sticky substance that bonds our family together. On July 6th, 2009 When I wss only 13 months old, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I started Chemo Therapy the next day. I'm not going to lie.. it is nasty stuff, but it is saving my life. I am doing my best to not let it slow me down. I love life. I have a lot yet to experience and I am always reaching.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catching up.

Well, you finally had your birthday. It was a beautiful day in so many ways. 1st of all because you are still here. There was a time when I was so afraid of losing you. I remember the days being alone in the car with you, (my sweet little unsuspecting baby). I would cry the entire way to the oncology clinic and you would be in the back seat smiling and dancing to the music or quietly sucking down a milky. I had to keep reminding myself that Leukemia was worse than the chemo you were about to receive. Anyway, it is still working, and I am so grateful for that. Secondly, the weather was wonderful. You spent the day playing with your little cousin Kip. You were so happy to just be outside with your trampoline, swings, slide, bubbles and squirt guns. I'm sure the best part for you was playing with Kip, your 2 bros and sister roonie Mikayla.  And 3rd, your dad was working out of town, so we didn't have your birthday party on your birthday but you had no expectations so disappointments. You were just happy!
We did have a party for you the following Thurs, and of coarse you were just thrilled! Nothing fancy, just burgers at the house with family and a couple of close friends and you were loving it! You're so easy to please. :)
We went to the property last weekend for the 1st time this year. It was a little rainy and crisp but it was so nice to be there! Just hard knowing that Aunt Carmie won't be there with us this summer. Well, at least not physically. I'm sure she'll be with us spiritually as often as she can. I know is at least looking over you. She loved you and I know she always had a soft spot for you.
You had your second to last back poke with chemo yesterday. YAY!  You came home and as usual, I had to fight to keep you off the trampoline. You'd think that after a spinal tap one would just want to go home and sleep off the meds. But oh no. Not my Jenna. Nothing gets her down. I love you for that! Only one more LP to go. (in August) We can do this. Only 3 more rounds of Vinc, and 3 more rounds of steroids. ( yah, not counting this one) It will be nice . May just flew by, I hope the next few months do too.  I try not to complain because you don't. I really hope you are doing as well it seems you are. I mean you NEVER complain. While we were camping you said your stomach felt stupid. Stupid? What does that mean? Was it the Methotrexate? Or was it the big ol' milky you had just chugged? Hard to tell. I  just hope that you aren't silently suffering. I pray every day for you that you will will tolerate the meds and that they will not have permanent negative side affects on your body. I'd say my prayers are being answered. I am forever in debt.
I hear so many sad things about how the meds affects other kiddos, both  acute and long term. It breaks my heart. Poor kiddos  are tired, sick,  head aches and sore backs from spinal taps, leg pain, stiff ankles, learning disabilities, the list goes on. I so wish kids didn't have to endure all this. Maybe someday the treatments will be soooo much better. Many of the other cancer moms  are participating in Cure Search to raise money for research for children's cancer. I think I'll do something too.
It's getting late and I am tired. I think I'm just exhausted from watching you expel so much energy. Seriously, we went fishing today and you did great all day on the boat. ( even on steroids) I love you Muffin.

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