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I'm a very happy and delightful person. I love spending time with my family. I am active and affectionate. I am strong and inspiring. I love all living things and I am easy to please. My mom thinks I am very easy to love. I bring joy, light, and love to our family. I am like a sweet sticky substance that bonds our family together. On July 6th, 2009 When I wss only 13 months old, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I started Chemo Therapy the next day. I'm not going to lie.. it is nasty stuff, but it is saving my life. I am doing my best to not let it slow me down. I love life. I have a lot yet to experience and I am always reaching.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Live it up girl!

2 years ago today I found myself running around from the pediatrician's office to labs and radiology, back to labs and then up to Primary Children's Medical Center. I knew you had an ear and sinus infection, but I was not prepared for the news I was about to receive. The doctor called as the results from the tests he had done came in. 1st the ultra sound. I thought the antibiotic you had just finished up had caused bloating and loss of appetite. But Doc said you had an enlarged spleen and liver. Then I thought Mono. Doc said Mono would be a good case scenario at this point. Then the blood work came back. He sent me right up to PCMC, gave me his personal cell # and said  "plan on spending the night they will probably have to do more tests" I hung up the phone. I started replaying some of the things he had said. " possibly cancer, certain blood disorders blah blah blah ...." Lots of medical terminology I couldn't understand. I still was convinced it was Mono. I had one very sick little baby who was getting worse by the minute. As I packed a bag for us I started to realize that he meant NOW. Like hurry. Oh my gosh he gave me his cell#. Doctor's don't do that. Then the panic set in. It  wasn't long before were in the ER. They pumped you full of antibiotics and told me that you were septic from the ear infection and you had no red blood. You were going to need a transfusion. AHHHH! Another person's blood in MY baby? I don't even like to share drinks with people. And they were going to put another person's  blood in  your sweet, pure body. Your heart rate was 205- 214. I knew that was bad. It was then that I realized you were now fighting for your life. The Docs started saying " it looks like Luekemia" What?! But you were a baby! Babies don't get Leukemia. I freaked out of coarse. Growing up everyone that I heard of having it passed away. You were moved to ICU, and given blood. The next morning oncology (Dr. Wright) came in and confirmed that indeed it was Leukemia. So they immediately started their POA. Surgery to have a Broviac ( a type of port o cath) and chemo would start right away. She at my request waited until the last of all the test results came in. Then it all began. I was so angry that there wasn't options or plans to chose from. I felt so helpless. Over the next week I watched you suffer like I've never seen any one suffer before. And amazingly, you still tried to be cheerful and happy. In the first 5 days, you endured 2 red blood transfusions, 1 platelet transfusion, surgury for the Broviac, a spinal tap, a bone marrow asperate, tons of meds. Steriods, blood pressure meds, pain meds, antibiotics, Vincristine, PEG shots, benedryl, and that's just what I can remember. Not to mention so much fluid you looked and felt like a water balloon,  Xrays,  all the pokes for IV's and all the dang monitoring. 
Well, I'm so glad we made it through that 1st week. We still had a lot to get through and we sure did. You did it baby. It is now 2 years later and you are still here! I couldn't be more blessed. You look so good. You act like a spitfire and are so full of life and energy it drains me sometimes. You add so much love and life to this family. You are such a strong and determined person with a heart just packed full of love.
Today you had your blood drawn. Just a CBC to check your counts after the Doc increased your meds. YAY! Everything is as it should be. I am so overjoyed. Counts are good and no increase of meds for now. Just bout 9 more weeks of treatment left. My goal is to keep to well and out of the hospital. No fevers or virus PLEASE!
You are having so much fun this summer. Here are some pics from today. 1st, the blood draw, then Jenna at her finest! I love you Jenna.


  1. Wow, what a diagnosis story. My heart was beating a little faster reading it. I can vividly picture and feel the feelings of those moments when they are telling you to hurry and you are watching the life drain out of your child. Yuck.

    I'm glad she's doing so well! So amazing to see the difference! Happy two years! And only 9 weeks left - amazing!!! I'm so excited for you guys and I hope it passes by bump free!

  2. Aubrey, you are truly a healer. This post is so amazing and brings back the shock and disbelief that was felt when the news of Jenna's diagnosis spread through the neighborhood. It is hard for me to believe it has been 2 years- but I am sure for you each day has been counted as another day won in your fight. You have a beautiful, bright little girl who is beating her disease because of the loving care of her mom, dad and family. You go ahead and celebrate- there is much to be thankful for. Love you! -Annette

  3. Aubrey,
    I remember that horrible day when you came into the office like it was yesterday. Jenna looked so sick. I was so shocked when Dr. Tew asked me to get your phone number so he could call you and tell you that awful news. My heart sunk. But look at her now! She is such a beauty. I'm so happy that everyones prayers were answered and that she has done so well to beat this horrible disease. When ever I think about Carmen I also think about Jenna and I'm so glad that her little body and spirit have done so well. I cant wait to hear when the treatments will finally stop and she will be cancer free!

    Take care, Cathy (Dr. Tew's previous M.A.)

    1. Cathy, it has been too long. We still miss you at Dr.Tew's office. Where did you go and why? (if you don't mind me asking) You were always so kind and good with my kids but especially Jenna even before all of this. thank you!